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AmSty Mission
We enhance lives through materials and know-how in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Core Values
  • Safety

    The health and safety of our employees, customers and communities will always be our top priority. Every day, we strive for zero injuries and incidents while making products that make the world better.

  • Value Focus

    We continuously strive to create value for our customers, employees and stakeholders.

  • Integrity

    We are committed to the highest ethical standards in all business dealings and will hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    We are committed to a safe and clean environment for future generations. We fully comply with all environmental rules and regulations. We believe in reducing waste and energy consumption and operate in a manner that protects the environment.

  • Respect

    We respect our employees, customers, and partners and value their uniqueness and varied perspectives.

  • Employee Focus

    We want AmSty to be a great place to work. We care about work-life balance and the personal and professional growth of our employees.

  • Sustainability

    Our materials and know-how provide a variety of benefits that make the world a better place. Our PolyUsable™ technology allows recycled items to return to their original applications over and over with identical properties and performance.

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