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PolyRenew® Certified Circular Recycled Polystyrene: A Milestone in Sustainability

Prioritizing ambitious sustainability goals is not only something we understand, it’s something we fully embrace. We recognize the demands on our customers and are forging partnerships that enable them to meet the needs of the planet through climate smart solutions – and the demands of consumers who increasingly want products made from recycled material.

That’s where PolyRenew® certified circular recycled polystyrene comes in.

AmSty is helping companies achieve their important goals by offering ISCC PLUS-certified PolyRenew® circular recycled polystyrene for food grade products. It marks a significant milestone for our customers and for our company as we forge ahead to meet our pledge for 30 percent recycled content in all materials for food packaging products by 2030.   

PolyRenew®, developed through AmSty’s innovative circular recycling process, allows recycled content to be part of the manufacturing process for items like carryout food containers and meat trays that require FDA non-object compliance, while preserving the same performance as virgin material.  

Now, converters and customers who achieve voluntary ISCC PLUS designation and who purchase PolyRenew® can claim recycled polystyrene credits for products made with the resin through ISCC PLUS, the global gold standard for sustainable plastics accreditation that includes an audit of the supply chain from end to end. Companies can demonstrate to consumers and other important stakeholders that the sustainability characteristics being claimed through purchases of PolyRenew® certified circular recycled polystyrene credits are validated and verified.

Interested in learning more about how PolyRenew® can be a part of your sustainability journey? Visit our Contact page to reach out.